You can make a payment for your Ad Space in the upcoming 2017-2018 Football Program by clicking the DONATE button and entering the amount you are paying for your Ad Space.  

Please indicate in the "Special Instructions" the name of your player or business so that the funds can be credited to your Ad.  

Ads -

Full Page - $150

Half Page - $100

Quarter Page - $50

Business Card Size - $25

All Ads are due by August 4th!

Contact Kelli Thomas with questions. or by phone at 253-255-6936.

Matching Funds

Thank you for providing additional resources to Eagles Football Program. Companies such as Microsoft, Costco, IBM, Boeing, United Way and more have established processes where employees that contribute to a 501(c)3 such as the Eagles Football program can have their contributions matched. This helps us grow our fund raising efforts without much effort beyond filling out a form on-line from your company.